Our Company
PMT was established in 2001 with 27 years of fabricating, tool room and machining experience and over 16 years’ experience in powder metal press repair/ rebuilds. As a result of this experience, we can help to eliminate long periods of downtime with scheduled maintenance and have a large inventory of Cincinnati Press compatible parts on hand.  We also deliver custom machining, robotics, and custom equipment.
PMT engineering staff is currently using AutoCad Inventor for 3D modeling. 
Quality Control
Our quality control team inspects all items including purchase items and outside service prior to being approved and entered into our inventory control system. QC also coordinates with purchasing to determine approved suppliers for these parts. Working alongside engineering to evaluate and compare each drawing to the part and/or assembly to ensure our finished products meet OEM specifications and ensure all in-house material has been identified and labeled.
When we enter into a rebuild, we enter into it with one goal, quality! PMT is aware the rebuild process does cause costly downtime, we will work with you to establish a workable time frame. Quality and delivery do go hand in hand at PMT and we want to give you what you expect, a quality rebuild!
Field Services & Preventative Maintenance
Our field service team is able to work alone or assist your team to troubleshoot machine problems. With our on-site service option, we are able to assist by giving our professional opinions and by providing repair procedures for a large variety of machines. Also, our field service team can assist in creating a custom preventive maintenance program that fits your company's needs, as well as, establish a scheduled time for our team to perform maintenance for you. Preventative maintenance has been proven to lower a machine's downtime allowing parts to be fixed/replaced during a scheduled downtime. 

Powder Metal Technicians

1565 Graham Street
 Franklin, IN 46131
Phone: 317-353-2812